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Trucella Proven Effective in a Clinical Study!

An eight-week consumer perception study was conducted in a
clinical setting to determine the anti-cellulite effects of Trucella™

The majority of subjects reported in questionnaire
results that they believed:

  • Its use “showed marked improvement in the look of firmness of
    the skin on the thigh area”
  • The skin on the thigh area felt “significantly firmer, & tighter”
  • The skin’s “elasticity/flexibility & overall appearance” were
    significantly improved
  • The skin’s “looseness and bagginess” was diminished.
  • The skin on the thigh areas felt “significantly toned & lifted”


Real Results of Trucella

In addition, visual grading results evidenced:

  • Decreased appearance of cellulite at evaluations conducted after two, four, six, and eight weeks of application
  • Decreases in surface roughness after two and eight weeks of application

The claims above were supported by the associated
data at eight weeks, questionnaire responses,
subjective data:

  • 85% of subjects reported marked improvement in the look of
    skin firmness in the thigh area
  • 75% of subjects reported skins feels significant smoother
  • 70% of subjects reported skin feels significantly tighter
  • 80% of subjects reported skin feels significantly toned
  • 5% of subjects reported skin looseness and bagginess
  • 85% of subjects reported improved skin elasticity
  • 90% of subjects reported improved overall appearance

Visual grading data at eight weeks:

  • 51.2% decrease in appearance of cellulite
  • 33.5% decrease in the Visioscan parameters associated
    with surface reductions




It's Hard to Hide Cellulite

The truth is not all our imperfections can be covered up or disguised. Some areas may be easier than others, but cellulite is very hard to hide. Unfortunately, this fact has kept many individuals from enjoying themselves and may account for unnecessary low self-esteem and confidence.

Trucella™ can help visibly diminish the look of cellulite. Cellulite can appear on multiple areas of the body such as the arms, thighs, stomach, and buttocks.

If you are self-conscious about your cellulite, order Trucella™ online today, and within a few weeks you may see a dramatic difference in the look of your cellulite!



How Trucella Works

Trucella™ contains safe (Dermatologist tested), beneficial ingredients that are of the highest quality. The ingredients in Trucella™ not only work to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but they also help to enhance the skin surrounding the cellulite which may result in smoother, firmer, toned feeling skin. In the clinical study,
results were seen in as little as two weeks.

However, for optimal and longer-lasting results, we
recommend continued directed use for eight weeks.
Once desired results are achieved, continue to use
Trucella™ as directed.

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Our Formula

Trucella™ targets cellulite with key ingredients and combinations to help promote the appearance of smoother, firmer looking skin.

Caffeine and Elderberry: Promotes a smoother appearance of the skin by helping skin release trapped fluids, which also may reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.
Bupleurum Extract, Caffeine, and Coenzyme A: These ingredients combined have been shown to provide beneficial help to help skin appear firmer and smoother as it helps superficial fat deposits (orange-peel effect) become less apparent.
Centella Asistica Extract: Helps enhance collagen synthesis and supports tensile strength of the skin. Helps optimize skin elasticity and the general over-all appearance of the affected areas.
Our Beauty Scrubber:  One of the additional ways to eliminate the appearance of cellulite is by scrubbing the affected area to help prepare the skin for the application of Trucella™ . Our unique scrubber, with the special nib design, will help you do just that. Using the scrubber in conjunction with Trucella™ will help produce optimal results.
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